What is chipwallet and what is it made of?

Chipwallet is a patent pending wallet made of 100% recycled and compostable paper-based material called chipboard. Chipwallet is 100% natural, unpainted, uses no dye, and no animal skin need to be harvested to make the wallet

What is chipboard?

A type paperboard of made from reclaimed paper stock.

How durable and strong is chipboard?

Chipboard is very tough, our chipboards are 1.2mm thick per plate. Chipboard is ideal for a wallet because it is strong yet feels natural.

What if it gets wet?

No problem! Just dab it with a dry cloth and shake off the excess liquid and let it dry. The texture might change slightly but will smooth out over time.

Why chipboard?

Chipbard is warm and a natural material that's great to the touch and perfect for daily use and to be handled everyday. It is a sustainable way to keep your money and cards together without the use of leather or other animal products.

Who designed Chipwallet?

Chipwallet Co. is a Orange County based design team, we strive to bring the latest products by combining smart ideas with great materials to complement your life.

For more info contact us: chipwallet@gmail.com