About Us

Chipwallet Co. is a California-native start-up. We discovered that many products we use daily can be made to leave less traces on our planet after we are done with them. We use the term “Post-use Footprints” when we design to remind us that each product has different stages of usefulness in our lives. We design with great care, considering a product’s functionality, ownership and its appropriate lifecycle in today’s modern living. To help all of us live better, that’s our commitment as designers.

All about you.

Our products are fun, modern and unencumbered. Combining simplicity in design, smart use of materials and great functionality, each of our design aims to liberate you from unnecessary elements and weights, so you can feel good about what you carry in your pocket.

Chipwallet is an original, Patent Pending wallet system. Our unique design invites you configure and assemble the function-specific plates to create a perfect wallet for you. After you are done with it, simply recycle it, as each Chipwallet is made from 100% recyclable materials.


Contact us: The Chipwallet Company

t: (408) 660.3662    e: chipwallet@gmail.com 

3277 S. White Rd. Suite 187. San Jose, CA 95148 USA